Monday, April 2, 2012

Mild case of bass thumb

Just after sunset
To avenge the staggering skunk I got on the Fox yesterday, I fished the local pond for an hour tonight after work. When I got there, surprisingly there was somebody else fishing it! At first I was mad, that was my spot! Then I thought about it, and lakes and rivers and ponds are there for everybody; there was plenty of pond for both of us to fish.

99% of the time at the pond I fish in one single spot, right over a pipe, for a variety of reasons. In the summer, massive tall grasses make access to the water difficult, and I'd never had any luck anywhere but near the pipe. Today there was only mud and muck between the grass and the water- but I was determined to fish and didn't let my wet sneakers dissuade me.

Second cast with the 4" olive tube jig I already had tied on, and I landed an average bass for the pond, maybe 10":

pond bass #1
He simply gobbled up the tube and just sat there. I only realized I had a fish on the line when I went to jig it!

A few casts later, I connected with a much bigger fish. I had trouble bringing it in, and it threw the hook about two feet from my feet. I shouted in protest, but really I was giddy- after so many trips out without any fish or even bites, this was a welcome change. Even if I was loosing fish.

Maybe this meant the pond was back on!

I got some more nibbles on my tube, but nobody would commit. I tied on a crankbait, and this guy casually hit it as it wobbled by:

pond bass #2
I felt a combination of bad and good, as the guy on the pipe didn't seem to be having much luck with the fish. I was happy to be connecting with fish, but wished he could have as well.

Then I remembered the huge amounts of fishing-related trash I picked up near the pipe the other day, and wondered if this guy had anything to do with that. Either way, I was catching fish, but had to go.

I looked down at my thumb, and noticed that after the two pond bass I had a mild case of bass thumb.

I bid the pond farewell, knowing I'd probably be back in less than twelve hours...

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