Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More hand carved crankbaits

The Christmas collection
I don't have any fancy stories or accounts of cutting off my fingers, but I do have a bunch of pictures of lures I've been making.

A few months ago I read some posts on about some anglers who were making their own hand-carved wooden crankbaits. I remember thinking "Oh man, that would be awesome but I could never do that. Way too complicated, not to mention I have no idea how to carve wood. Or use tools." A few weeks later I started making some inline spinners, which in some ways are pretty simple to make. And they caught fish!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently got some flannel shirts which somehow directly led to a sudden interest in wood carving and pyrography. I've been carving up a storm! Turns out it's not as difficult as I thought...

I think it looks pretty nice
I think I've figured out how to use which blades (although I still keep breaking them every so often); it seems like each lure I carve is better than the last. My recent coping saw purchase has been incredibly helpful- now I can cut the blocks of wood to a more lure-like size, so I don't have to whittle off a pound of wood to get the size I want. I've been using sharpies and nail polish to "paint" the lures, and I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out.

I sure hope they can catch some fish....

I think the glitter nail polish really pushes this one over the top
My favorite one so far
You can see the music-making equipment in the background
(what a strange man-cave)
This one has metal beads inside that rattle a little bit
A lure in the colors of my alma mater,
Powers Catholic High School - Flint, Michigan

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  1. It would be a shame to ruin these things by actually putting them in the water.

    You've inspired me to go back into my collection of digital junk and rethink my abstract expressionist fish prints.

    Have you been testing them in the bathtub to see how they run?


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