Friday, September 16, 2011

News: CB Fishes featured on

I was taking a break from assembling lesson plans and researching audio manipulation techniques at work when I saw's most recent post. I try and keep up with all the local fishing blogs to find out what's working and what's not, to see what kind of adventures they've been having... but most of all to learn. Basically, steal all their tricks.

So I was very surprised as I'm reading to suddenly see the phrase "Let's talk about CB Fishes!" in the middle of the page. The great guys over at the site said some real nice things about this blog, although they did make fun of the small fish I catch.... I won't hold it against them though!

Thanks so much for the write-up guys, I really appreciate it! I hope that any craziness I put out there will inspire others to get out and catch some fish... whatever size they may be.

Tight lines,



  1. No problem! I wasnt making fun at all...just pointing out the fact at how much excitement can be had no matter the size of the fish. You are a great example of this

  2. congrats, your blog looks great. two thumbs up!


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