Monday, August 15, 2011

Fishin' the big Erie

Went out this weekend and did some family fishing on Governer's Pier in Cleveland, Ohio. It's always great to go fishing in Ohio, and this was no exception! Went with Leo and Charlie (who is 5), and believe it or not we did NOT get the skunk.
Leo and Charlie marvel at the largemouth

I think it's a testament to Leo and my extreme angling skills* that we were able to catch ANY fish under the extreme conditions... and by extreme conditions I mean a 5-year-old, completely bored with fishing, running around picking up trash, climbing on ladders, and generally scaring everybody in sight.

(*Just kidding. I have no angling skills.)

Leo got a nice largemouth, and I got what I think were some white bass (they have stripes, but I'm not sure if they are striped bass, white bass, or even striped/white hyrbrids that are called "wipers"...???) EDIT: thanks to the friendly folks at, this fish has been identified as a white perch.

Always nice to catch a new species; also caught some bluegills, all on nightcrawlers. No luck with tube jigs or senkos. Some guys were kayak fishing in the harbor, but they seemed to be getting more snags than fish...

White bass? Nope! White perch
There was also a troupe of fishermen who arrived just before we left, armed with folding chairs, half gallons of OJ, crappie rigs, and lots of cigarettes. I wonder if they are the ones who leave all their trash on the pier...

Thanks to Leo for being the fishing guide, and thanks to Charlie for not falling in the water!

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